Thank you for taking an interest in the Woodbury City Police Department. Please understand that the Woodbury City Junior Police Academy is for individuals who have an interest in police service, community, government, and/or a general appreciation for public service. The Jr. Police Academy is not a “boot camp” or a type of “scared straight” program for young people who purposely do not follow rules.

The goal of course of the program is for the cadets to enjoy themselves while gaining an understanding of demands of police training and service. The Junior Police Academy consists of physical training, lectures, presentations and hands on activities. The Junior Police Academy culminates with a graduation for each class. The Junior Cadets will learn how to march and work together as squads. Cadets will learn the importance of being physically fit, staying drug free, teamwork and respect.

If you have any questions you may contact the Woodbury City Police Department, School Resource Officer Ryan Alcott or 856-845-0065 ext. 121.


SRO Ryan Alcott
School Resource Officer
Woodbury City Police Department