04-03-2022 TO 04-09-2022

On 4/3 a Hessian Avenue resident reported their car was burglarized some time overnight. Items were removed from the vehicle while parked outside their residence. Case under investigation.

On 4/3 an employee at Dollar General reported a Shoplifting. Suspect fled on a bicycle prior to Police arrival.

On 4/4 an employee at CVS Pharmacy reported a Shoplifting. A Woodbury resident was charged, and a court date is pending.

On 4/4 a N. Evergreen Avenue reported having a large sum of money stolen. Suspect took their purse, and fled the scene. Case is under investigation.

On 4/5 a Gantt Avenue resident reported harassment by an acquaintance. Officers contacted the acquaintance and asked them to cease contact with the complainant.

On 4/5 a Barber Avenue resident was issued an ordinance violation for allowing dog to run at large. Court date is pending.

On 4/5 an employee at Family Dollar reported a male and female entered the store, removed items from the shelves, and fled in a minivan. No suspects at this time.

On 4/6 a Hopkins Street resident reported that she sent money to a friend’s Zelle account, only to find out the account was hacked. Officers advised the victim to contact their bank.

On 4/6 a Barber Avenue resident report being harassed by a relative of a previous relationship. Resident wanted the incident documented for further reference if needed.

On 4/7 a Centre Street resident reported a former friend accessed their account, and withdrew a large amount of money. Incident under investigation.

On 4/7 a Woodland Avenue resident report someone filed income tax returns under their identity. The proper authorities were contacted, and an investigation is pending.

On 4/8 a Tatum Street resident reported a relative took their vehicle, and did not return it. Vehicle was reported stolen, and attempts to locate the accused have been unsuccessful.

On 4/8 Police were called to the area of Tatum Street and Hess Avenue for the report of juveniles throwing cinder blocks into the street. The juveniles were gone prior to Police arrival.

On 4/9 Police were called to a residence on Curtis Avenue, for reports of a Domestic incident. Police spoke to both parties, and it was decided that all would stay at the residence, and separate for the rest of the evening.