“Woodbury City Police LGBTQ Liaison Initiative”

The Woodbury City Police Department is committed to promoting an inclusive atmosphere and sense of professionalism to all of the amazing people we are honored to protect and serve. In an effort to be available and sensitive to all members of our community, the department is proud to have liaisons for LGBTQ community, our officers and the community as a whole to continue to make Woodbury a great place to live, work and play.

Thomas Ryan

(856) 845-0065
Ext. 118

Duties of the Woodbury City Police Department’s LGBTQ Police Liaison will include, but are not limited to:


-Assisting, advising, and consulting with other officers on cases involving LGBTQ issues;

-Providing training, or organizing a training with an expert, for members of the department on LGBTQ topics, including 
proper pronoun use, how to correctly identify a hate crime based on sexual orientation or gender identity, etc.;

-Developing and implementing strategies to prevent hate crimes and violent crimes within the LGBTQ community;

-Getting to know and meeting with business owners, community groups, and individuals of the LGBTQ community to inform them on relevant law enforcement issues;

-Serving as a representative of the police department at community LGBTQ events;

-Identifying and attending trainings and/or conferences related to LGBTQ issues;

-Implementing a police department recruitment program that actively advertises to the LGBTQ community; and

-Developing and maintaining an open, trusting relationship between the LGBTQ community and the police department.

Kelli Marro
(856) 845-0065
Ext. 129