Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit of the Woodbury Police Department is comprised of officers who have received specialized training in the areas of traffic law enforcement and serious or fatal accident investigations.

The Traffic Safety Unit works to coordinate the efforts of the Woodbury Police Department in making the City’s roadways a safer place for everyone. This is accomplished through the use of a Traffic Speed Trailer, RADAR speed enforcement, DWI Checkpoints and participation in such programs as “Click It or Ticket”.

The Traffic Safety Unit also maintains records of enforcement activities and crash related data in order to identify and address problem areas.

For traffic related questions or concerns please contact:

Capt. Kelli Marro,
Unit Supervisor
(856) 845-0065 ext. 129

Ptlm. Daniel Steigerwald
856-845-0065, Ext. 133

Ptlm. Alexander Phillips
856-845-0065, Ext. 130