Watch Over Woodbury is a part of Project Nola, a non-profit organization operating the largest and most efficient crime camera program in America. (

Project Overview

  • Over 60 HD Cameras are already installed and operational throughout the City.
  • Initial phase provides continuous overlapping coverage of roadway and sidewalks from Carpenter St to Edith Ave along Broad Street, with plans to spread throughout the City.
  • Cameras are fed to a monitoring inside police headquarters.
  • The program’s success depends on participation from the community. The greater the number of cameras, the more successful the program will become!
  • Goal is to have at least one camera on every street in the City.

Property Owner Requirements & Costs

  • Have a Broadband Internet Connection.
  • Allow a licensed electrician to install a Crime Camera on your property.
  • The City will pay for the camera and the cost of installation.
  • Property Owner will pay a $20 monthly data storage fee and cost of electricity (about $1 per month for one crime camera).

Program Benefits

  • Potential tax breaks and reduction in property insurance costs.
  • Serves as a deterrent and will help improve the image of the City.
  • System is owned by the City and managed by the Police Department.
  • Allows the police department to monitor and review surveillance quickly and
  • Will Promote a sense of safety & security downtown and throughout the City.
  • Will protect your property and assist the City in promoting a safe environment.
  • Participating owners will be provided a Woodbury Neighborhood Watch placard to display on their property if they choose.


How much will it cost me to have a camera?

The cost of the program is just $20 per month for video storage plus the cost of electric to run the camera, about $1 per month for one camera.

What if I no longer want my camera?

Property owners can opt out of the program at ANY time and the City will pay to have the camera removed.

What are the benefits of the cameras?

In addition to the deterrence factor, cameras will help to identify suspects in criminal investigations and assist with missing persons, traffic collisions, etc.

What other cities use this system?

Project Nola is a time tested system which has been found to reduce violent crime in cities such as New Orleans, LA, Fairfield, AL, and Natchez, MS since 2009. Woodbury is the first City in the Northeast to incorporate this technology.

If interested in obtaining a crime camera or if you have additional questions contact:
Sgt. Brian Boucher
856-845-0065 Ext. 136