12-11-2023 TO 12-17-2023

On 12/11, police officers issued a summons to a resident of S. Barber Ave. due to their dog running loose in the street. The officers observed the dog running in and out of the street, causing vehicles to slow down or stop to avoid hitting the dog. Eventually, the resident came outside, picked up the dog, and took it back inside their home. The court date is pending.

On 12/12, Acme employees reported that a woman entered the store and filled a cart with laundry detergent. She then left the store without paying for the items. The employees provided a description of the woman and the vehicle she used to leave the scene. The incident is currently under investigation.

On 12/13, a Camden resident was charged with Simple Assault and Criminal Mischief after assaulting his girlfriend and damaging her property. Court date pending.

On 12/14, a Mantua resident was arrested and charged with DUI, refusal to provide a breath sample, leaving the scene of an accident, obstructed windshield, failure to report an accident, and careless driving. Court date pending.

On 12/15, a Woodbury reported that her E-bike had been stolen while she was inside the Thrift Store. The bike had been locked, but the thief cut the lock. Several hours later, a suspect was identified and charged with theft. The court date is pending.

On 12/16, a customer of Pep Boys reported to the police that the driver’s side window of his vehicle was smashed overnight. The vehicle was parked behind the Pep Boys store while it was undergoing repairs. Another vehicle that was also awaiting repairs had its window smashed. The incident is currently under investigation.

On 12/17, an Emerson Street resident was charged with Criminal Mischief for kicking the mirror off another driver’s vehicle. In addition, the male was issued traffic summonses for delaying traffic, careless driving, and failure to use turn signals. The court date is currently pending.