10-16-2023 TO 10-22-2023

On 10/16, police officers were dispatched to a residence on Walnut Street in Woodbury Heights in response to a criminal mischief complaint. The residents reported that the newly poured concrete had been vandalized by unknown individuals just a few hours after it was laid. Fortunately, many of the residents were able to repair the damaged concrete sections before it hardened. The officers took photos of all the affected areas of the concrete. The incident remains under investigation.

On 10/16, K9 officer and K9 Adonis assisted Mantua Police with a motor vehicle traffic stop. Adonis detected the presence of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) inside the vehicle and was rewarded with a tug toy and praised for doing a great job. As a result of the detection, the driver was arrested by the Mantua police.

On 10/17, two men entered Wawa and started scanning items through the self-checkout. However, when employees noticed they were deleting some of the items, they approached the men and advised them to use the checkout service instead, as they were deleting the items. Eventually, both left the store without paying for the items. If the identities of the men are discovered, charges will be filed.

On 10/18 a Lindenwold resident was mailed a warning letter regarding their abandoned vehicle in a city lot. The vehicle has a flat tire, is unregistered, and has no tags. Officers will be following up in 10 days to ensure that the vehicle has been removed from the lot.

On 10/18, the owner/landlord of a property on South Broad Street was issued a summons for failing to register their rental with the city. A court date is pending.

On 10/18, a resident of Big Rock, Tennessee, was charged with careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a pole on North Broad Street and Dubois Avenue and fleeing the area. Court dates are pending.

On 10/19, police officers were dispatched to Family Dollar in response to a report of shoplifting. According to the employees, two individuals walked out of the store with two laundry baskets filled with laundry detergent. The employees provided officers with the make, model, and tag number of the vehicle involved. Charges will be filed once the female suspects are identified. The incident is currently under investigation.

On 10/21, a resident of Naomi Avenue was charged with obstruction of administration of a law enforcement officer. The charge came after she called the police for assistance during a dispute with an employee of Crown Fried Chicken, and she provided a false name. Court date pending.

On 10/21, a Sewell resident was charged with criminal mischief, contempt of court, theft of a motor vehicle, and trespassing as a result of a domestic incident. A court date is pending.

On 10/22, officers responded to a N. Evergreen Apartment for a noise complaint.