11-13-2023 TO 11-19-2023

On 11/13, a Sicklerville resident was issued a traffic summons for speeding in the area of Carpenter St. and S. Barber Street. Court date pending.

On 11/13, a Chestnut Ave. resident reported an unknown male entered her unlocked vehicle sometime overnight. The vehicle was rummaged through, and nothing was taken. The incident remains under investigation.

On 11/14, a resident of Camden received traffic summonses for reckless and careless driving, driving without a valid license, operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, and leaving the scene of an accident. The court date is pending.

On 11/14, a Moore Street resident advised officers he sold a vehicle back in October and forgot to remove the tags from the vehicle, and the new owner failed to return them. The tags were entered NCIC stolen.

On 11/15, a resident of Woodbury was spotted on Crescent Avenue, looking through trash cans. The individual was informed that it is against the law to scavenge through someone else’s trash. As a result, the male was given a summons for scavenging and released. The court date is pending.
On 11/16, a Lafayette Ave. resident was charged with Aggravated Assault after a DV incident occurred outside the residence. Court date pending.

On 11/17, a U-Haul representative reported one of their pickup trucks as stolen. The vehicle had been rented on 11/3 and was scheduled to be returned on 11/4. As the vehicle was not returned, it was marked as stolen in the NCIC system. On 11/21, the Philadelphia police department located the vehicle and arrested the driver, who was not the original renter. The vehicle was towed, and the U-Haul representative was informed it had been found.

On 11/18, a resident of Green Street reported that three juveniles stole an Amazon package from their doorstep. The victim advised if the juveniles are identified she would just like to have her package returned. The incident remains under investigation.