9-18-2023 TO 9-24-2023

On 9/18, a Woodbury Heights Resident was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purposes, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace, and Obstructing Public Street as the result of a road rage incident that occurred on Hopkins Street. Court date pending.

On 9/19, a resident of Clementon was caught speeding on Cooper Street and charged accordingly. Court date pending.

On 9/19, a Woodbury resident crashed into a utility pole on Railroad Avenue, resulting in their vehicle becoming disabled. The individual was charged with driving under the influence and released to a friend. Court date is pending.

On 9/20, a resident of Glassboro was arrested for shoplifting, disorderly conduct, and hindering apprehension. The suspect had stolen items from Dollar Tree and provided his son’s information when asked for his name by the officers. All stolen items were returned to the store. The suspect’s court date is pending.

On 9/21, a resident of Linden Avenue reported an unknown male had entered her vehicle overnight and stole her debit and credit cards. The victim acted promptly and canceled all her cards before any fraudulent purchases could be made. However, the suspect has not yet been identified.

On 9/21, police officers were called to a Penn Street residence to handle a dispute. Both parties were advised on how to file complaints with the Deptford court. No further assistance was required.

On 9/21, a resident of Sewell was issued a summons for careless driving. The reason for the summons was that the driver did not maintain enough distance between his vehicle and the one in front of him, which resulted in a collision when the car in front stopped at a red light. Court date pending.

On 9/22, police officers noticed a man who was recognized as being banned from the area sleeping on a bench situated on Evergreen Square. Despite being offered assistance and services, he refused to accept any help. The subject was issued a summons for trespassing and sent on his way. Court date pending.

On 9/22, while patrolling in the area of S. Broad St. and Courtland Ave., officers found a small, white male dog wandering around alone. Officers brought him back to headquarters. The dog was handed over to Animal Control, who would take care of him until his parents could be located.

On 9/23, a Trenton resident reported that while she was visiting her sister at the Woodlake Apartments, someone entered her vehicle and stole her wallet. The thief tried to use her card, but it was declined. All cards were canceled before any further attempts were made. Currently, there are no suspects in this case.

On 9/24, during a traffic stop, it was discovered the driver had seven active warrants for his arrest. The individual was placed under arrested and taken to headquarters, where he was ultimately placed in the Salem County Jail. Court date pending.

On 9/24, two men entered the Acme, put various items in a cart, and left without paying. Acme employees reported the incident, and an investigation is currently underway to identify the suspects. Currently, the men have not been identified, but once they are, they will be charged accordingly.