11-1-2023 TO 11-5-2023

On 11/1, employees of the Wawa store located on Route 45, reported a shoplifting. The suspect, an unknown male, put several items inside an empty stroller and left the store without making any payment. Unfortunately, the suspect was gone before police arrived. However, several days later, the same male was spotted in the same area while pushing a stroller and wearing the same clothing. The male was identified as the shoplifting suspect and was subsequently charged. Court date for the case is pending.

On 11/1, the city issued summonses to multiple property owners for not obtaining a certificate of occupancy and failing to register as landlords. Court dates are pending.

On 11/2, Police were called to a fight at Woodlake Apartments. A resident of Camden was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and breach of peace. Court date pending.

On 11/3, a property owner reported to the police that a former tenant had caused damage to their property after being evicted from the premises. The estimated cost to repair the damages is expected to be thousands of dollars. The victim mentioned that they only required the incident to be documented for their insurance company and did not require any further police assistance.

On 11/4, employees from the Wawa located on Route 45 reported a gas theft. A male individual requested to fill his vehicle’s gas tank and claimed he would be paying cash. After the tank was filled for $107.00, the individual fled down Holly Avenue without paying. After several weeks, the suspect was identified as a resident of Cherry Hill and charged with theft of services. Their court date is currently pending.

On 11/4, an anonymous caller reported that an unknown man was ringing the doorbell of an apartment building. When law enforcement arrived, the man claimed to live there, but further investigation revealed that he did not reside at that location. The man was escorted off the property and warned not to return. It was later discovered that he had been previously banned from the premises. As a result, he was issued a summons for trespassing, and a court date is pending.

On 11/4, a resident of Westville was observed urinating in the parking lot designated for police personnel only, despite the presence of two signs indicating “Police personnel only” and “No trespassing”. As a result, the individual was issued summonses for trespassing, lewdness, indecent behavior, disorderly conduct, and breach of peace. Court date is pending.

On 11/5, police officers were dispatched to TD Bank for an unwanted individual. Upon their arrival, they found the male inside the bank. The officers already knew that this same individual had been trespassed from the bank the day before. The male was then issued summonses for defiant trespassing and breach of peace. He was warned again not to return to TD Bank, and his court date is pending.

On 11/5, a Woodbury resident was charged with DUI. Court date pending.