4-1-2023 TO 4-9-2023

On 4/1 summonses were mailed to several property owners throughout the city for Failure to Obtain Certificate of Occupancy and Failure to Repair/Replace HVAC for their properties. Court date pending.
On 4/3 a Woodbury resident was turned over to Woodbury Police due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The subject was lodged in the Salem County jail.
On 4/3 a S. Broad Street resident reported someone took two cards that were left in his door by a friend. There are no suspects at this time.
On 4/4 a S. Broad Street resident turned himself in on an active warrant. The male was processed and released with a new court date.
On 4/4 a Woodbury resident reported one of their license plates was lost or stolen. The plate was entered NCIC and the resident was advised to turn in the remaining plate to the DMV.
On 4/4 a Paulsboro resident was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Arson due to an incident behind Evergreen Dental. Court date is pending.
On 4/5 several McDonald’s employees reported being harassed by two females. They wish to have complaints signed if the women are identified. Incident remains under investigation.
On 4/5 a Clementon resident was arrested and charged with Obstruction and Trespass after running from a resident he was previously banned. Court date is pending.
On 4/6 an employee from Fuel 1 reported theft of gas. A female drove off without paying. The suspect was identified, located at her residence and advised no charges would be filed if she pays for the gas by end of day. The Woodland Avenue resident was eventually charged with Theft due to not returning and paying the money owed. Court date is pending.
On 4/6 officers were dispatched to CVS for a Shoplifting complaint. Two males entered the store and walked out without paying for laundry detergent. Both men were identified and charged with Shoplifting. Court date is pending.
On 4/6 a Westville resident was arrested on several active warrants and charged with Possession of a CDS, Possession of Certain Prescription Drugs without a Prescription, and Failure to Make Lawful Disposition as the result of a motor vehicle stop. Several traffic summonses were also issued. Court date pending.
On 4/7 a Hopkins Street resident was issued summonses for Failure to License Dog and Animal Causing Injury to Person after an incident at that location. Court date is pending.
On 4/7 a Watkins Avenue resident was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief with Damage and Trespass after damaging then crawling through a window at Colonial Park Apartments. Court date is pending.
On 4/7 Woodbury Police assisted West Deptford Police on a motor vehicle stop in the area of N. Broad Street and Progress Avenue.
On 4/8 a Woodbury resident was arrested and charged with Contempt of Court for defying a TRO, Defiant Trespass, and Disorderly Conduct after returning to a High Street residence when he was previously advised not to return. The subject was turned over to the Salem County Jail. Court date pending.
On 4/8 a Queen Street resident was charged with Trespassing. The male was previously warned to stay off Conrail property or he would be charged. Court date pending.
On 4/9 three women were charged with Simple Assault and Breach of Peace after an altercation in the area of N. Evergreen Avenue. Court date pending.